Friday, April 22, 2011

New Plans

Well as everybody knows online poker is shut down temporarily, as charges from the DOJ has seized their domain names and bank accounts. This event was called black Friday as it happened on Friday, April 15th. Well what do I do in the meantime, since this was the way I was making a living? Back to the casinos I go then I guess, one tabling for the win. Until this gets worked out in court and some new laws get passed, then I have to make the switch.

There is a reason why I left the live casinos for the online world. The first reason is the travel cost of going back and forth to the casino sucks. Gas is pretty high and the nearest casino is about 45 minutes away. Also the cost on wear and tear on your vehicle, which will drives up maintenance cost. This has to be figured into your travel cost. There also the fact of game selection, and waiting list. There is nowhere near the amount of game selection in a casino then there is online. Some cash games formats can’t be found outside of an online poker room and sit and go’s tournaments pretty much don’t exist outside of special event qualifiers like WSOP and WPT. Tournaments are also not as readily available since they may run only a few times a day, and the chances of finding $5, $10, $20 tournaments outside of and online poker room is next to impossible.

Even with all this it either grind Live or give up on poker. So like so many Americans who have suffered due to this countries poor handling by our politicians and government, I have to make the best out of a screwed up situation. I still have some hurdles to get through to make this happen. First hurdle is most of my money is tied up online and I can’t get to it yet. I am sure my money is safe but not being able to access it sucks and means I have to use what money I have on hand to get this going. I have to make sure my bills are covered and I am scheduled to move, so I need money for that which does not leave much for a live grind. So I will be doing this under rolled due to the limit cash on hand and game selection. Second the travel cost has to be work out since I have to leave my state in order to reach a casino. I know of a bus service that picks up casino guest from my area and shuttle them back and forth. The bus stays eight hours before returning back to drop of the guest, so gives me enough time to play. The set back is the bus picks up and leaves at a specific time, so trying to make scheduled tournaments might not be possible. I another thing to consider is if I want to leave or stay I can’t, so if I am losing or winning I have to stay on the bus schedule. The good thing is that it only cost about $5 to $10 so it really saves on the travel cost.

This is going to take a while to adjust to this and I am not putting all my eggs in one basket which is what got me in a pickle this time. I am also looking into employment in a few fields and I am working with a good friend who owns a business to see about working for him. I know online poker will return to the U.S. and I can’t wait to it does but in the meantime I have to make due with what I have and move on. Good luck everyone and have faith in yourselves that we will all get through this.

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